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Front Of House (FOH) Requirements (Minimal)
16 Channel Mixer
16 Channel Snake  
2 Mains *
2 Subs

Mic/Stand Requirements
(4) SM57 (with Mic Clips)
(1) SM58   
(1) Kick Mic (with Low Profile Mic Stand) 
(3) Adjustable Boom Mic Stands
(1) Wireless Mic (Shure)  

Monitor Requirements
4 Monitors* 

*May be Powered OR IF PASSIVE Must have Power Amps & Cables to suit

All sound equipment within production must be sized according to Venue Specifications

Backline Requirements
DW, Gretsch, Pearl or Yamaha 
(Full 5 Piece, Drum Seat/Throne, 2 Cymbals, 1 ride, Hihat Cymbals)

First Choice: Ampeg 810
Next options: SWR, Mesa Boogie - (2) 410 or (1) 410 on Amp Case

Any Mesa Boogie, Fender or Marshall Amp (Combo or Half Stack with Matching Brand Amp Head)

2 Tier Keyboard Stand

Power must be available throughout the stage.